This stitch spells style

NEEDLEWORK, THE art of creating surface design on fabric, continues to fascinate fashion connoisseurs.

Cross-stitch, earlier used to tack two plies of fabric together, has grown into a chic medium that expresses personal style.

The technique of setting motifs with the aid of a detailed mesh makes the finish impeccable. Once the motif is set, the process of doing cross-stitch generates interest as colours can be blocked, graded or panelled.

Cross-stitch, which treats every visual in a graphic way, is the toast of the season. Cross-stitch embroidery done on garments, fashion accessories and bed linen tops the style charts.

Motifs in the form of floral concepts are used in cross-stitch work. Popular motif ideas that dominate the fashion scene include roses and tulips embroidered on fabrics.

Asymmetrical designs and cuts rule supreme and fashion designers are able to employ motifs to enhance the asymmetry. Embroidery is being used to embellish ensembles this winter. Cross-stitch on worsteds, cotswool, devour, velour and denim is part of this winter's fashion scene. It gives the garment a rustic appeal. The yarns employed range from single-coloured cottons to multicoloured cottons; from silk to polyester and from jute to jute blends. The fabric depends upon the `look' of the garment. The fabric is enhanced by motif embellished with sequins and beadwork.

Cross-stitch has reached newer horizons in fashion this season. Get ready to party in style this winter.


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