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A browsing platformSunena and Priyanka and (top) with their team

A browsing platformSunena and Priyanka and (top) with their team  

Two mothers started an online platform that lists fun activities you can do with your children

Priyanka Sehgal and Sunena Saigal are married into the same family and it was marriage that brought the two women to Bengaluru. Soon they started sharing everything — from motherhood to diet to where to take their children out — with each other.

“As both our children are of the same age, we started interacting a lot with one another and also our families went out together to keep our children involved,” starts Priyanka, who is also an interior designer.

“It all started when we started wondering where to take our children or which workshops we can enrol them in that were unique and interesting. As I was new to Bengaluru, I started exploring this city from a child’s perspective. When we browse for information for children, we are always looking for more than the basic stuff that is put out,” explains Sunena, who adds that there were very few options online.

“For instance, if we looked for birthday party planners, we were looking for someone to recommend them to us or share their experience with us. Were they good? What was the best part? What things were not up to the mark and stuff like that. These were some of the personal touches we found missing on the Internet,” says Priyanka, adding, “Like some play areas don’t allow food, or some insist on children wearing socks and some don’t allow the nannies or snacks inside.”

So Priyanka and Sunena got together and started off a website — — that caters to parents and keeps buzzing you about activities for kids happening in and around our city.

They cover summer camps, fun weekend activities, travel articles, parks in and around Bengaluru that one can take their children to and even recommend some restaurants that they have enjoyed with their children. “We even have some schools covered and the syllabus they offer to make it easier for parents, especially during admission season,” beams Priyanka.

“We try and be as comprehensive as possible. We started off with 10 articles from our own experiences. Gradually, people started asking us for recommendations. What we looked around was for variety, and the number grew. Earlier we reached out to people to announce their activities, now they come to us as we offer them a platform. Soon, we got people writing in telling us that they too wanted to share their experiences. That is when things got rolling. We do control the content posted. Now, we have parents too writing about their travel experiences, a toy review, or anything related to children,” explains Priyanka.

BuzzingBubs, which is now three years old, gets around 40,000 visitors every month, which “shoots up drastically during vacations,” announces Sunena.

“We try to cover events for different age groups and categories. In case we get a negative feedback, we don’t take responsibility for that for we just announce them. But, we do let the organisers know that the feedback has been negative,” Priyanka says, elaborating that, “The only challenge of running this operation online is checking the authenticity. We double-check everything and make sure that it is happening and is worth mentioning.”

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