The Yuletide cheer

Christmas Mistletoe, Santa, carols, Christmas lunches…it’s celebration time

To a lot of us, Christmas means Santa Claus, bagful of gifts, cakes, celebrations and joy while growing up. Of course, with time, you realise it’s not Santa from the North Pole who leaves gifts besides the Christmas tree. Yet, the celebrations continue. We spoke to a cross-section of people to get their take on Christmas celebrations.

Aruna Bahuguna,Director-General of Fire and Emergency Services

The celebrations might have changed but its spirit is intact. Now, there are more people understanding the real meaning of Christmas. The message of love and brotherhood is also being spread universally.

We are celebrating Christmas but not putting up any decoration as I lost my father three months ago. The season holds special sentimentality and is also more like a get-together. My special memories go back when the whole family was together. The festival is like a celebration of my mother, grandmother and father’s lives.

David Masilamani aka DJ Blackjack!Advertiser and DJ

When I was very young, studying in standard IV, I dreamt that I was opening presents left my Santa Claus and a group of poor children were looking at my gifts longingly. I woke up with a start and wept. The dream still plays on my mind and over the years I’ve realised that the season of receiving and giving gifts shows the stark difference between haves and have-nots. The general feeling of cheer and sharing still holds true for me but I am aware that there are a lot of people out there who do not enjoy as much as I do. I am an entertainer and do what I can to spread joy. And I am generous in helping people throughout the year.

Sharon AamirModel

The festive spirit sets in a week before Christmas. For seven days, I join the group from the church and go from house to house singing carols. We set out at 10 p.m and wind up only around 4 a.m. On Christmas Eve, I look forward to the dinner at the church. I love decorating the house, getting a Christmas tree and the first things I look forward to in the church are the decorations – the mistletoe, the Christmas tree and the cut outs of the three kings. As you grow up, you realise there is no Santa. The celebration continues nevertheless.


Over the years, Christmas has become highly commercialised. Thankfully, the spirit has not changed. I remember as a child, we would go shopping and in the evening go to Nanking to enjoy a meal. With busy schedules, we are not able to spend Christmas together. Last year I was in Mumbai and even this year, I will not be able to spend Christmas with family as I will be participating in the Miss South India pageant to be held on December 28.

My sister, mother and father have already given me the list of gifts they want from me for Christmas. I think I’ll go shopping buying the goodies.

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