`The Trial of Billy Jack'

Of the many movies that address the plight of American Indians, `Billy Jack (1971), and its sequel, `The Trial of Billy Jack', stand out.

Like its predecessor, `The Trial of Billy Jack', too, is a powerful anti-establishment film.

The Film Lovers' Cultural Association will screen `The Trial of Billy Jack', at Kalabhavan on August 17 (10 a.m.). The screening will be followed by a discussion on the film.

The theme is expanded to include the officialdom, which turns a blind eye towards the violation of human rights.

Frank Laughlin directs `The Trial of Billy Jack', written by Frank and Teresa Christina.

Jack A. Marta cranks the camera.

Elmer Bernstein scores the music. The movie stars Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor, Victor Izay, Teresa Laughlin and William Wellman.

The movie is sure to impress the lover of martial arts, for there are several sequences in the film, wherein Billy, the protagonist, engages in Hapkido, the Korean version of Karate. The film was one of the greatest hits of 1973