The speech of writing

CHARACTER SKETCH: Ranadheer Kumar holds forth.

CHARACTER SKETCH: Ranadheer Kumar holds forth.  

WHETHER THE writing is on the wall or in the page, it speaks a lot. Between the lines lie the words.

From revealing the sex to identifying sexual drives, building confidence levels to lowering self-esteem to spotting the negative shades of a character to boosting optimism, reducing stress or depression and even blood pressure, the handwriting conceals every element of an individual's personality.

"The size, slant, pressure, margin and spacing, zone, loop, baseline, connecting strokes, terminal strokes, style - legible or illegible, angular or round, signature and even the figures one doodles on papers when sitting idle - all the traits of a person's character, even ailments can be traced from one's handwriting," said expert graphologist Dr. Ranadheer Kumar. He was speaking at a function on Handwriting analysis, Saturday last at the Odyssey bookstore here at Panjagutta.

"Handwriting analysis or graphology is a descriptive and corrective science unlike astrology, which is a predictive science. Revealing your nature and strengthening it through various tried and tested handwriting exercises, it can definitely shape up your future into something you always aspired for," he explained to the hundred-odd people, who had gathered at the bookstore to redefine their future, through their handwriting.

After a newfound interest in numerology and vaastu subsequent to astrology, and with more and more people increasingly falling in for them for corrective measures, graphology is all set to be the second in line, considering the public demand `to organise more such enlightening programmes in the coming months'.

"We have plans to organise more such programmes for the benefit of corporates, children, housewives and everybody else at least once in every month to highlight the significance of graphology as a science," stated Dr. Kumar. More than 60,000 people have benefited from my prescriptions, he claimed.

Mahatma Gandhi had once said bad handwriting is a sign of imperfect education. Dr Kumar says it could sign more than just imperfect education.

Handwriting can reflect traits like, intelligence, self-confidence and self-esteem, leadership qualities, phobias, inhibitions, will power, ambition and temperament, at more than just a superficial level. "Your handwriting is a signature of you. It is a direct projection of your brain. So, it essentially has to reflect your individuality and personality," he described.

All those interested in making a rediscovery through handwriting analysis, can attend the future self-improvement workshops conducted by Dr Ranadheer Kumar. For further details, please contact: 55335987.


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