The songs STING you

HIS BAND was earlier called Sting and Police. Later, he went solo, and his last album; Brand New Day swept the Grammy awards in 1999. The Desert Rose singer, Sting, is back with his new album called Sacred Love. Each song in this album projects a mature, abstract idea.

The first single, Send Your Love, talks about attaining human salvation. "There is no religion but sound and dancing," sings Sting. What he means to say is how religion has lost its value in recent times, but at a deeper level, the song projects his personal view where he feels that music, sound and dancing is religion to him.

Forget About The Future satirically suggests how people dig up the wounds of the past, and fail to moved ahead into the future, and This War, which, according to Sting, was written during the build-up of war on Iraq, reflects an idea where the war may ultimately be won by someone, but what happens after that?

Beginning to feel that the album is too serious and abstract for you? Well, not really.

The lyrics do make you think and ponder for a while, but Sting's vocals and music are infectious, especially Send Your Love, which has already entered quite a few radio and TV charts.

The remix version of this track is very infectious and is sure to be a hit with DJs. Inside is hard-hitting and being the first track in the album, it seems to set the mood and energy for the rest of the album. Whenever I Say Your Name features Mary J. Blige and the vocals are soothing and comparatively soft.

On the whole, a very mature album. If you are among the `thinking' type of guys, this album is ideal for you.

If you just want to listen to some good music, buy the album for Send Your Love.


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