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WINE TASTER Bruno Monange

WINE TASTER Bruno Monange   | Photo Credit: Photo: S. Gopakumar

Bruno Monange says that the best way to enjoy wine is with family and friends

It is Saturday evening and you are preparing a dinner party for your business associates. The meal is taken care of. The questions arise, what wine will I buy to complement the meal: white or red, how will I know it's of top quality and how do I serve and enjoy it? To impart the etiquette of fine wine dining is Bruno Monange, a wine maker from Burgundy. He will conduct a workshop `Wine: How to choose, taste and enjoy,' on the premises of Alliance Française de Trivandrum on January 14.


According to Bruno the most important thing to check when buying a bottle of wine is its label. " The label provides information before the wine is uncorked, about the contents of the bottle and the quality that can be expected. The most important thing to note is whether it has Appellation d'Origine Controllee on it." Equivalent to India's ISI stamp, AOC groups France's highest quality wines by imposing strict production regulations. Checking the year of manufacture is also of equal importance. "For good wine, you should wait for a few years for it to develop aroma and flavour."Most wine according to Bruno are classified in one of two ways: by varietal or appellation. Varietal refers to the type of grape that was used to make the wine (Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir) while appellations refers to the region where the grape was grown (Bordeaux, Chianti). "In France, the wine is named by the region where the crop was grown or by using the producer's name," says Bruno.According to Bruno, many make the mistake of serving wine with the wrong kind of food. "It is always white wine for fish and red wine for meat." However Bruno warns against serving wine with overly spicy food. "For Indian food, if it is moderately spiced, Gevrey Chambertin is the best. It is rich in colour, aroma and flavour."

How to serve

Wine should be served in the right glass. It should be served in a translucent glass shaped "like a tulip with no designs." "Only then can you take note of its colour." It should also be served at the right temperature; six to ten Celsius for white wine and 12 to 15 for red wine. "Wine fresh from the cellar is always the best. If not keep the bottle away from light and where the humidity is controlled. It should also be laid flat and not straight up so that the wine can touch the cork. Never shake the bottle, treat it as careful as you would a baby." Also always remember not to serve the residue. And no, the residue is a sign that it's good wine and not the contrary.

The right sip

Wine when poured into the glass should be smelt. Swirl the contents gently and take a sip. Savour the sip in your mouth and then enjoy the rest of the wine.The best way to enjoy wine is with family and friends and in smoderation.LIZA GEORGE

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