The reel and the real...

In all eagerness. Pic: S. Siva Saravanan

In all eagerness. Pic: S. Siva Saravanan  

THE TAMIL Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) underwent a `name change' recently. Don't wonder why you haven't read about this, for it happened only on reel. The TNAU, or the Government Arts College if you please, was the venue for the filming of the Ajith-starrer Jee.

Thanks to it, the TNAU premises had a number of new visitors. Not students of agriculture, but students, brought in to participate in the shooting, and fans.

Banners, posters and placards lent a festive look to the University. The scenes filmed there related to elections for the post of college chairman. "Select and elect Vasu as Chairman," one of the banners read. On standing there for some time, you realised Vasu, Chezhiyan and Senthil were the main contestants. The scuffles and the drama associated with college elections were very much in place.

The shooting also saw excited fans straining their eyes to catch a glimpse of Ajith. Though the main gate and most of the entry points remained closed, quite a few curious onlookers managed to go near the shooting spot.

Like is the norm, the few who sneaked a look narrated their own tales about the shooting to the unlucky. This film has scenes of campaigning and group clashes involving the hero and his rival.

So, is Jee a film about college life? Nope. After playing some do-gooder roles in recent times, Ajith is now doing a film on politics.

"In Jee, I play a college student. The film is about politics and student politics too finds a place," says the actor. Lingusamy of "Anandam" fame is directing the film. The heroine of the film, produced by NIC Arts, is yet to be named. Speculation has been doing the rounds that Amoga, the Jay Jay heroine, and Trisha are likely candidates. All those fans who despaired when the unit packed up, take heart. The unit will return again soon. "We'll be back sometime in December or early January," adds Ajith.


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