The new dynamo kid

Tiruvuru Mourya with his trophies. --Photo: C.V. Subrahmanyam

Tiruvuru Mourya with his trophies. --Photo: C.V. Subrahmanyam  

He is yet to grasp the concept of addition and subtraction in mathematics but he is a black belt in karate. When his co-students are still struggling to hold the pencil and twist it the right way to write the `aksharas' in Hindi, he has cleared the `Rashtra Bhasha'.

Meet Tiruvuru Mourya, who is only six years old and has won awards twice his age. Seeing this hyperactive toddler his father, T. Kamalakar Prasad, enrolled the former with a karate academy near their house at the age of three. Barely four, he won his first award in shaolin demonstration from the Indian Ancient combat Academy in 2000.

That was the beginning for this little master; he went on to win awards and degrees in the art of karate and today he is a proud holder of a black belt. The year 2001 was the most eventful year for Mourya. It was in this year that he was awarded the All-India Dragon Tigers Black Belt Master Degree. He stood third in the Dragon Tigers Third National Full Contact Open Karate Championship in the sparring division and took the second spot in the Fourth AP State Indian Power of Karate Association.

With every passing year Mourya honed his skills in this ancient art of combat and went on adding mementos to the display corner that his parents have made for him. The current year was no insignificant compared to the previous one. He was declared as the champion in Shaolin demo by the Dragon Tigers Chinese Kung-Fu Federation of India in the first State Open Karate Championship and secured the third spot in the sparring division in the Fourth AP State Dragon Force Martial Arts competition. The list could run a few pages if all the other minor championships are taken into consideration.

Mourya has reached that level where further training cannot be given considering his age and the dangers involved in the process. "Once I reach the age of 14 I will pursue for the `Dan' status, that involves training with weapons," he says with an air of confidence.

Karate is not his only passion; he is equally inclined towards academics - indeed is a rare combination. Identifying his intelligent quotient and grasping power at an early age, his mother T. Padmavathi inspired him to take up the course of `Pradhamika' in Hindi at the age of five. Mourya has not only cleared the papers with a first class percentage but has subsequently passed both the `Madhyama' and `Rashtra Bhasha' making him probably the youngest achiever in the country and the only one in the State.

Though the nimble fingers still find it difficult to hold the pencil firmly, he is an adept in writing Hindi wherein many a grown-up falter. He speaks the national language with eloquence and his pronunciation will astound any Hindi pundit.

He loves to see Jackie Chan's movies and listen to any music that has a fast beat. Though his mind is still tuned to fairy tales the productive colour of green notes is already crawling its way in. Having heard his parents discuss dollars and its lucrative convertibility he has set his vision across the Atlantic. And to make it happen he wants to take up international studies.

Given his determination and grasping power Mourya is heading the right way.


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