The mother of wishes

WISHING WELL These people are willing to give the claims of Ma Sidh Sidh Shakti a try

WISHING WELL These people are willing to give the claims of Ma Sidh Sidh Shakti a try  

If wishes were fishes, we would all be throwing nets. But what if all your wishes could actually come true? What if by chanting a mantra for just five minutes you could see your most cherished dreams turn into reality? Sounds impossible? Well, if Shri Ma Sidh Sidh Shakti is to be believed, it is quite possible. She claims to have come up with `Ichhahapoorti Sadhna', which promises to fulfil all your desires.

And her efforts don't rest here. To ensure that maximum people benefit from this, she is travelling to various places, which include schools for the blind. Most recently she visited Tihar Jail, where she organised "Sidhshakti Sankalp Sadhna" for the prisoners. Recounting her experience in Tihar Jail she said, "The authorities did not pose any problems. They were very cooperative. Thousands of prisoners sat in the heat to listen to me." She even claims that using her `Ichhapoorti Sadhna' two of the prisoners got to see the proof of it.

`Ichhapoorti Sadhna' is claimed to be a blend of special powers or shakti, bestowed on Shri Ma Sidh Sidh Shakti by God, and of sadhna, which comprises chanting a mantra. This one has to do for five minutes daily till the wish is granted. "I perform extensive research of all the doshas (karm dosha, pitri dosha,et al) and karmas one has carried from his/her previous birth. The more they are, the more impedances you are likely to have in achieving your goals. This also decides how fast your wish is going to come true while using the sadhna. At one time one can ask for only one wish," she said.

However, Ma Sidh Shakti would decide the fairness of your wish. "A mother only knows what is the best for her child. Thus it is my duty to see that you are not asking for something unreasonable. Once this is decided I transfer my shakti to the person, given to me by God because of my good karmas in my previous birth."

Ma Sidh Sidh Shakti, who only believes in the God who made the universe, insists that she does not charge a penny for the usage of her `Ichhapoorti Sadhna.'


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