The Mexican grandeur

`Even though Indian and Mexican cuisine may differ, Indian dishes are prepared often at home, in Mexico,' shares His Excellency Rogelio Granguillhome, Mexican Ambassador, at the inauguration of Tomahawk- The Mexican Food Festival at Bonitos, Uppal's Orchid Hotel.

The festival exemplifies the true flavours of Mexico in every aspect. From the d�cor, the presentation to the taste of the food, one could almost feel in Mexico without being there.

The ongoing food festival complements flavoursome Mexican food with the famous Salsa dance and special live band performance, so that the guests have a memorable evening. The food festival is on for dinner services and the buffet is priced at Rs.750 per person.

One can enjoy dishes like chilli con carne, tamales, fajitas served on sizzler plates, ceviche, birria which flawlessly qualify as true Mexican dishes. Incredible desserts like huevos reales and mousse de rompomp can also be savoured to give the final taste. The food has been combined with tequilas, sangrias and mescals.

Also known as the Tex-Mex Food Festival, this event fuses the food of Texas and Mexico. Mexican food is essentially made of fresh ingredients while Tex-Mex is fried and spiced up. Tex-Mex cuisine is a blend of Central American, Spanish and a hint of Arabic. No Hay Reglas Fijas, meaning there are no fixed rules, is a unique feature in Tex Mex lifestyle. The recipes can be gently simple or highly complex to suit the taste, texture and aroma. The Tex Mex food festival concludes on the 21st of this month.

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