The languid feeling after...

TGIF: now also a lunchtime hangout for corporates — Photo: Sampath Kumar G.P.

TGIF: now also a lunchtime hangout for corporates — Photo: Sampath Kumar G.P.  

THE BEST part of a meal is after the eating is over and done with. This is the part where you sit back and smile contentedly, ready for a siesta. TGIF seems to have zeroed in on this wonderfully languid equation of sloth and gluttony, as it introduces five signature dishes in its menu.

Regulars to TGIF would sip on the favourite, Electric Lemonade (Smirnoff and blue Curacao with lemonade), while they wait for their food to arrive. But if you're trying out one of the new creations, keep that tummy empty and rumbling. Each platter is a meal in itself; so smart ones would hold the drinks till the plates have been polished off.

Of the five new Chef Selects, the one for the veggies is grilled zucchini (Rs. 250). No need to worry if the name doesn't ring a bell. Zucchini is the American term for a long, green, cylindrical vegetable of the gourd family. Split into two and grilled, the zucchini arrives with saut�ed mushrooms, oodles of mashed potatoes (in such quantity that zucchini dies with a buried whimper), oven roasted radishes, carrots, and fresh green beans topped with cheese sauce.

The meat eaters are the ones who can really go for the kill with this menu. The roasted bone-in chicken (Rs. 270) — with the very tender garlic-marinated roasted chicken, white wine demi glace, mashed potatoes (not so overwhelming here), beans and oven roasted tomatoes — looks promising, but leaves some bitterness in my mouth. This one will be great with a margarita, if only to drown the taste.

The chef suggests that you pig out on grilled pork medallions (Rs. 350). I learn the hard way, from the crestfallen look on the manager's face when I opt for the lamb chops instead of the pork. But the garlic marinated grilled lamb chops (Rs. 270) doesn't disappoint. This one is topped with red wine demi glace and... surprise surprise! Mashed potatoes! Here's a suggestion: Poke your fork into the lamb chop, find a chunk of roasted carrot, twirl them around in the superbly prepared demi glace and put this in your mouth before the potatoes maul them.

TGIF also has saut�ed white fish and shrimp (Rs. 365) on a bed of fettuccini (flat pasta strips). So though this one is not authentic American fare, the pasta is a welcome change from the mashed... wait, they're sitting on the fish too! The fish is perfect, and the white wine demi glace does wonders to the flavour. Though the portions look right for one hungry person, it'll take two to do justice to it. And it will leave enough room for dessert, which, if you want to order without poring over the menu again, must be chocolate and coffee mud pie. For those tired of chocolate, there's always good old apple pie.

A lunchtime hangout for many of the corporate employees on Airport Road, tables at TGIF are rarely unoccupied. So when you visit at lunchtime or on weekends, don't forget to call 25210570/71 for reservations.


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