The good time guy!

ONE LOOK at him and you might think he has just stepped out of his bedroom. However, wait a minute. One sentence from him and you think here is a guy down-to-earth, realistic, honest. "I did not have to take pictures for a break but I am struggling now. Star sons maybe preferred as far as the first film is concerned but I am still trying to make space for myself," says Karan Nath, who did not start off too badly with his "Yeh Dil Aashiqana" doing well in certain pockets.

"At times I wonder where do I stand? I just have to work harder and prove myself. I am not here just for money. Hopefully, the audiences will notice my films and my work," says Karan, whose "Sssshhh" hits the silver screen this Friday.

"It is a murder mystery. I play a positive character. It has a freshness to it with Tanisha making her debut and a new director, Pawan Kaul. I like something about him. I would rather sit at home for six months than do bad films," says Karan, who would shortly be seen with Manisha Koirala in "Tum". Then there is "LOC", where he plays Major Rajesh Adhikari. "Thanks to a heavy star cast, people will realise that here is a good actor. They will notice me," says Karan, his trademark humility and confidence very much in place. "Sssshhh" good times might just be here!

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