The big world of little ones

THE NATIONAL School of Drama's Theatre in Education initiative has exemplified the children's theatre movement since 1989. Currently headed by Vibha Chibber, TIE - also known as Sanskar Rang Toli - aims at overall personality development of children. Like other years, its summer workshops were spread across North, South, East and West Delhi and continued into the Sunday Club August onwards.

Suwarn Rawat, a founder member of TIE, explains that the programme is open to children in the age groups of 8 to 12 and 13 to 16. Open to all, whether "from the footpath, illiterate, or school students," the thrust is on interaction of children from different backgrounds.

"The criterion is not to take the best talent, but to take children of different calibre - including those considered below par. About 30 children per group are selected, through interactive sessions," says Rawat. Those wanting to join the company will have to wait till the summer workshops are announced.

Meantime, TIE will showcase its efforts of the past year at the Sunday Club Festival this coming January. There is also the `Jashnebachpan' festival of plays for children coming up from January 15, where troupes from across India will perform.