Taxing and tiring

COME SUMMER and most people try to escape not just from the sweltering heat but also from the multitude of tourist packages, trying to woo the public with their advertisements and promises of finding heaven on earth. These offers are a respite from the daily monotonous routine, but come at exorbitant prices, which the middle class can ill afford. Besides, where is the time to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty during such tours as several places are covered in too little a time. One has to remember to write down the names of the places that one has "supposedly visited", lest one might forget them.

When the battered souls return to home sweet home, they have to take a break after the strenuous journey, which was meant to be relaxing. What an irony!

So think twice before going in for such summer tour packages, which leave you with a hole in the pocket.

S. Suchitra


(The views expressed in these columns do not reflect the views of the newspaper)

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