Tasty Tamilnaad


CULINARY DELIGHTS Javvu mittai .   | Photo Credit: PHOTOS: M. PERIASAMY

It was a trip back in time and space as Coimbatoreans got a feel of native cuisine in an ethnic ambience

They promised a culinary voyage of the traditional delicacies of Tamil Nadu and that is what they presented. Poorna Bhojan 07, a food fiesta organised by the department of Catering and Hotel Management of Sri Jayendra Saraswathy Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science laid out a variety of soups, salads, rice and desserts from all over the State. And, this year's theme was Senthamizhnaatin mann vaasanai (the fragrance of Tamil Nadu). It was an opportunity to be introduced to dishes from the interiors of Tamil Nadu that had been long forgotten. Two months of research, preparation and experimentation paved the way for 54 delicious and authentic dishes that took many down memory lane to their grandmom's kitchen. A wholesome dinner comprising meat, fish and vegetables were laid out. The aroma of spices filled the air and chicken biriyani and Pallipalayam kozhi kari were the hot favourites. Idlis and dosais were also served. Kalavai dosai, kari dosai and stuffed parottas were dished up hot. Plain vadai in spicy curry was one of the interesting side dishes. Paal kozhukattai and kadalai paruppu sugiyan were the sweets that found many admirers. The javvu mittai man occupied another part of the ground from where he handed out peacocks, watches and motorbikes made from a sticky sugary roll. Swamivel (astrologer) had many lined up outside his stall to learn about their future. Dada's puffed rice stall and other petti kadais too had many visitors. The Semiya ice cream stall was another attraction. Traditional dances like Karagaatam and Kummi were performed throughout the event.A bullock cart near the entrance, students in white dhotis, petti kadais and the traditional food transported the people to a carnival atmosphere of a village, and that is exactly what the organisers desired. As one of the organisers commented, "We have tried to create an ambience to go with the theme of the festival. And, village food can be enjoyed only in a set up like this." KEERTHI MOHAN

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