Taste of teppanyaki

IT'S NEW Foodies try out the Teppanyaki fare at Radha Park  

A new menu awaits diners at Radha Park Inn

Radha Park Inn has introduced an all-new Teppanyaki Experience (menu) at The Oriental Blossom, its Chinese speciality restaurant. The meal starts with a hot and cold appetiser steamed with a combination of Oshinko Japanese pickles and condiments, followed by an energising miso soup. Guests can get to see the cooking of the main course on the teppan grill by a master chef. The meal ends with a choice of teppan desserts and green tea.The new menu includes an appetiser platter (each platter is served with a choice of steamed chicken or steamed vegetables and bean curd rice roll, Japanese roll, spinach with roasted sesame and cold mushroom); teppan salad; miso soup, a light and refreshing soup with tofu and spring onion, a favourite of Japan, served with a choice of toppings. The main course features a selection of sea food (prawns, squid, seer fish, mussels), chicken, tender lamb, garden and exotic vegetables; teppanyaki fried rice. Desserts include a selection of seasonal fruit tossed with agar and kiwi sauce and Asian flavoured ice cream.All these dishes are cooked to order by the teppan chef with a choice of style like teriyaki, tatayaki, cinnamon-wine, black pepper-wine, ponzu and dark soya, lemon butter chilli and hot and sour.For more details, contact 66778899/24757788.