Taruni's day out

YOU CAN'T miss her. A frequent face on the small screen, her appearance sends everyone into raptures. She is Taruni Sachdev. All of six years, this little cherub has 50-odd advertisements behind her, ranging from Colgate, Saffola, Reliance Mobile, LG Flatron and VIP Luggage, not to forget that delightful commercial for Rasna.

In Kerala, though, it is not her commercials that have endeared Taruni to the masses. Her role in Vinayan's `Vellinakshatram', with Prithviraj and Meenakshi, had the young and the old going ga-ga over her.

Entry into films

"Vellinakshatram' was already on the floor but the girl playing Ammu had to be replaced. Jabbar who had cast Taruni in an ad recommended her name," says Taruni's mother, Geeta Sachdev.

She didn't really expect to see her daughter acting in a supernatural thriller. One thing Geeta was sure of was that the film would at least be an average grosser because "Taruni is a very lucky child". But nothing had prepared her for the tremendous success of the film, due in no small measure to her daughter.

New venture

The pretty-as-a picture child is acting in Vinayan's new venture, `Sathyam - The Real Identity'.

Ask the little miss about her shooting experiences, and she says in a typical Mumbai lingo, "Khoob masti kiya." The glamour and the spotlight of the past three years or so do not seem to have rubbed off on her. She is all professional. "Only the last shot is left. The dubbing for `Sathyam' will be done by someone else," Taruni says with a seriousness that may put established actors to shame.

Favourite actor

Her one regret though may be the absence of Meenakshi from the film. Taruni and Meenakshi had a whale of a time on the sets of `Vellinakshatram'. "We played together and had fun. Meenakshi helped me with the dialogues and the scenes. She even took care of me."

Taruni had a blast on the sets of `Sathyam' too, for she knew the entire team and Prithviraj, hero of the film. The same is true of her modelling assignments. She is most comfortable with directors she has worked with earlier. The man at the helm of the Rasna commercial, adman Prahlad Kakkar, was someone Taruni had not worked with before. In contrast to the reputation of being a strict taskmaster, Prahlad was so easygoing with Taruni that even his colleagues were taken aback.

And how was it working with the queen of oomph - Karisma? It was all very professional, says Taruni. "Zyada masti nahin ki." Taruni did not know Karisma since she hadn't seen any films the actress had worked in. But she had seen `Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham' in which Karisma's younger sister, Kareena, had starred in. So, Taruni thought she was all set to work with Kareena and was quite excited about it. She then had to be explained how Karisma was related to her.

This young star of the Chevrolet Tavera ad that is playing on the various channels will be seen in a promo for the new channel for kids, Hungama. And after that, it's a lot more masti for this tiny-tot.


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