Tangy chaat treats


SWEET AND SOUR Pani puri   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: S. MAHINSHA

Chaat Lane offers authentic chaat

A cozy restaurant with a quaint `dabba' like look is a great place for a quick bite. Comfort Inn has launched `Chaat Lane,' which is open for lunch and dinner. At affordable prices, this Gujarati restaurant offers a variety of chaats, from fruit chaat (Rs. 45) to pani puri (Rs. 35) and aloo chaat (Rs.40) to tala hua gatta (Rs.30). The serving is quite filling too.


Chaat is the Indian counterpart of Western salads. Packed with fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, beans or lentils, it is seasoned with a sharp, zippy, slightly sweet dressing made using chaat powder. It is sweet, salty, bitter and sour. The dahi batata puri (Rs. 40), which has yogurt and potatoes as the main ingredients, was tangy. Tasting like samosas was the Khasta Kachori chat (Rs. 45) made out of moong dal. The papri chaat (Rs. 45) was sweet.The pani puri had the right amount of spices and the tala hua gatta made out of besan can be served dry or with a rich sauce. Chaat Lane also offers Gujarati Thali to its customers. The thali consists of dal, a dry vegetable dish, vegetable curry, a sweet dish made of besan, roti (normally phulkas), rice, salad and papad. The vegetables and sweets change daily. The meal is served with a `jal jeera' drink, which is a tad salty. For dessert, try the melt-in-the-mouth gulab jamun (Rs. 30). The restaurant also offers traditional Gujarati drinks such as lassi, piyush (a sweet and sour drink made of buttermilk) and panna (a kind of sherbet made of raw mangoes). LIZA GEORGE

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