Talented teams put a great show

MAGNUM OPUS-2002 - The Evolution, conducted by Bhavan's Vidya Mandir (B.V.M),Girinagar, was the last of the inter school fests held in and around Cochin. Smooth management, an enthusiastic audience, and stiff competition characterised it. It was aptly named, as the participating schools were each called the names of various civilizations. The invocation ceremony went well, ensuring the smooth running of the entire competition. Cine artiste Mr. Dilip, the chief guest at the invocation ceremony, had earlier attended Magnum Opus 2000. He feels that the students' enthusiasm and their affection for him has not changed over the last two years. The principal of the host school B.V. M Girinagar, Ms. Vijayalaksmi however, feels that the students have learnt from their experiences of the past eight years and the spirit of competition takes fresh and innovative forms each year. Many renowned persons judged the various competitions and all of them felt that the students had done their best.

Bhavan's Vidya Mandir- Elamakkara, had put together a brilliant team of students and they bagged the overall trophy. They managed to take a prize in nearly all the competitions conducted and proved to be the best. The runners-up , Naval Public School (N. P. S) also put up a good fight and it was by a very small margin that they lost to the eventual winners.

Talented teams put a great show

All the competitions went smoothly. The competitions were- `Rhyme Rocks', in which the teams had to convert old time rhymes from their childhood days, into the latest trends in rock. Spurred on by the cheers of their school mates, BVM- Eroor came first, with B.V.M Elammakkara coming second and The Choice School a close third. `Take I Take II' had the audience hooting with laughter as the teams acted out their own movie trailers. N.P.S had a sweeping victory and B.V.M, Eroor came second. The third prize went to B.V.M, Elamakkara. `Perestroika'-a dance competition with the theme "Through the ages" was accompanied by cheers and dancing from the audience while lively jigs were performed on-stage. In this field B.V.M, Elamakara proved to be the best, with The Delta Study in second place and N.P.S coming in third. `Brushless', a competition for artists with a difference, had Bhavan's Adarsh Vidyalaya coming in at first place and Nava Nirman Public School in second. B.V.M, Eroor came in at third place. `9 to 5'- the forum of the fashion gurus was a huge success as the models walked the ramp with a perfect mixture of elegance and attitude. The first prize was bagged by B.V.M, Elamakkara, the second prize by N. P. S and the third prize by B.V.M, Eroor. The most gruelling competition proved to be `Agnipareeksha'. Conducted over two rounds, teams of two battled it out for the prestigious first place. The participant's personalities were put through a fire and ice test and the winners emerged - B.V.M, Elamakkara, with N.P.S in second place and The Choice School in third position.

The spirit of competition through cooperation showed up very clearly in Magnum Opus-2002. It was a superb ending as the valedictory function was both inspiring and congratulatory. Guests' Ms. Devi Chandana and school director Mr. E. Govindan gave moving speeches, which was a fitting end to the overwhelming success of the event.


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