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HIS ENTRY into the world of automobiles was out of sheer passion whereas his foray into Hindi films was accidental. Meet Aashish Chanana, who invented India's first electric car while studying in New Delhi's Modern School and starred in films like, "Aag Aur Shola" and "Mehendi Ban Gayi Khoon".

Says Aashish, "For my invention I received the President's Gold Medal Award. The then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi started the car." He also received a scholarship to study automobile engineering in New York. With an engineering degree safely in his bag, he came to Mumbai for a holiday. With a smile, he says, "I have been holidaying ever since. I neither returned to New York nor New Delhi.

Jeetendra took me for `Aag Aur Shola'. I rejected Raj Barjatya's `Abodh' with Madhuri Dixit because I didn't like the script."

In Delhi this past week to promote five films he is currently producing, he bemoans that he lacked the "eagerness of the present generation" to make it in Bollywood. But he utilised his time by gaining technical knowledge and bringing out music videos with singers like Anaida, Baba Sehgal and Vikas Bhalla. He also made "Tasveer", a tele-film with actress Moon Moon Sen.

Talking about the ambitious project of simultaneously producing five Hindi films, he says, "Thankfully my technical knowledge like editing, dubbing, computers will come in handy while coming out with the films. This project is part of Media Factory. `Dreams', directed by me, will feature Manoj Gidwai, a model and Arzoo, sister of Aditi Govitrikar. I have finished 70 per cent of the film."

About "Dreams", he says, "The character called Pooja lands in Mumbai with a bag of dreams. Hailing from a family that sees the girl child as a liability she proves them incorrect by succeeding as an actress. I play a happy-go-lucky type of director. Very much in the mould of David Dhawan. While directing her I get transformed into a serious director like Mahesh Bhatt." Headds that this film won't be like the recently released "Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon".

Looking at this film, "as a business venture", he feels that just as television has witnessed a drastic change, commercialisation is going to bring a sea change in the Hindi film industry. Two of his forthcoming films are going to be directed by Revathi of "Mitr" fame and Pooja Bhatt, who emerged as a successful filmmaker with, "Jism".


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