Tackling it with elan


Tackling it with elan

When it comes to career-related issues the big question is ''What should one do to lessen the harm of globalisation or more positively, how does one profit from it in one's career''

Here are a few tips:

Never let things become so bad that you have to react to changed circumstances. In other words, never let yourselves to be driven to decision making. Instead, be proactive and make your career decisions well in advance. To do this you have to understand the larger context of your career, your true role in the organisation you are working, the way others perceive your role and your contribution to the organisation.

Think of developing skills that would stand oneself in good stead irrespective of the cultural and geographical boundaries. Some careers like computer programming is almost entirely culture free. However, a career like sales management is rooted in the local culture. In cases such as the latter, a good practitioner has to be at once field-savvy and cerebrally (read theoretically) oriented. He or she should be able to `take' the local experience to another location.

Develop a post-modernist worldview, wherein nothing alien shocks you, and nothing alien bulldozes your core belief system. Accept that it takes all types to make this world. Try and be sympathetic to the other point of view. Speak less what you believe and listen more to find out what others believe and where they stand.

Do not be a copycat, nor be a flag-waving chauvinist. By looking outside you will find plenty of practices that seem interesting and worthy of emulation. But remember that every practice has a context. Understand that context, so that you have the power and skills to modify and apply it to your own local context.

Stop moralising, your morals may be others' immorals! Do what you preach, and have clear communication as to where you stand. Remember that all human societies have certain fundamental ethical underpinnings. These underpinnings join us as humans.

Remember that the manifested external differences leads to variety or, what sociologists call, pluralism. To get a job done, concentrate on what is common and less on dissension. In all situations involve others quickly find the common platform and get on with the job on hand.

As the cliche goes, ''Think Global, but Act Local!'' All this simply means: Have an expansive mind to understand the world with all its plurality, but be not an irrelevant dreamer. Do what needs to be done depending upon the context.Understand that life in the new age is a kind of tension: tension between `stability' and `change'. Do not hang on to either too passionately. If you cling to `stability' alone you will be a pessimist with no means to grab opportunities that come your way; and if you cling to `change' alone you will be hollow and struggling with existential angst! Choose one to the exclusion of the other at your own peril!

Never fear technology. At the same time do not adopt technology for its own sake. You have to be hard-nosed in evaluating the merits and demerits of technological adaptations (whether of products, services, work methods, organisational innovations etc.) into your job.

But embrace them wholeheartedly if they truly enhance the job you do. Develop an attitude of open mind to read about technological trends in your field. Position yourself in such a way that you are able to fathom and discuss and evaluate recent technological developments in your profession and related fields.

If you are able to follow these steps you will at once be autonomous and gregarious. You will be healthy member of the organisation (or more generally the society) within which you are placed. What is being asked of you is to be the minimum that is required of a post-modernist individual!

Let's thereby embrace to future without slipping on the foundation upon which we stand; the foundation of culture and tradition that we can be proud of if only we do not lose out on our innate human yearning to inquire and clear doubts!

Nowhere would such a `cultural' approach be more relevant than in future careers.

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