Tabu in Hussain film

HIS BRUSH was enamoured by horses and women almost decades ago and still continue to. He is the celebrated painter who saw "Hum Aapke Hai Kaun" 67 times and "Devdas" 10 times — who wouldn't have known of Maqbool Fida Hussain's Madhuri Dixit fixation? Obsessed with the actress, he eulogised Madhuri almost as a `symbol of womanhood'. Hussain has, over the years, made no bones about admitting his fetish for the beautiful lass and later captured her beauty in his film "Gaja Gamini".

Now, as Mrs. Nene gets busy nursing her new born child across the seas, Hussain has, as of now, brushed aside his monopolised thoughts on the new mamma, and has visualised a role for other actresses to step in and show up their beauty and talent for his ensuing film. Hussain brings in ace actress Tabu for "Minaxi"— a tale of two cities". Having sketched a delightful role for a contemporary character, Hussain perhaps will get the best out of Tabu, as he feels she symbolises the modern woman. Now, will "Minaxi" paint another bright picture for Tabu, a la "Chandni Bar"?

(By Ranjani Govind)