Swishing in X-mas

Ringing in the cheer D.Js Ivan and Gordon Edge

Ringing in the cheer D.Js Ivan and Gordon Edge   | Photo Credit: Photo: Mohammed Yosuf

Party-goers had a busy weekend as Hyderabad sure was rocking on Saturday. Holding the crowd by the beat were world’s best known DJ Gordon Edge and DJ Ivan for the Smirnoff Experience held at Rock Heights, Shilparamam. Just a few hours before their performance, the DJ duo unwind over a steaming cup of coffee. Gordon Edge has been Djing, producing records and playing live trumpet at house clubs for more than 15 years now. He has proved his mettle at the turntables and has played in some of the biggest clubs. On the other hand, DJ Ivan from Bangaluru has carved a niche among the DJ circuit. If DJ Gordon speaks his heart out on his brief stopover, DJ Ivan shares plans for a quiet season’s feast. Neeraja Murthy listens in...

DJ Ivan: Christmas means being with family. I’m lucky to be close to family. But you are far away.

DJ Gordon Edge: Yeah, I am. I guess, it’s always like that. I am moving around, especially during Christmas. You make a decision of staying at home or going out. I am more drawn towards music. This Christmas, I had the great option of coming here to India and I took it. I had not thought about it then though I am happy about the decision. With e-mails, I think I will be in touch with my family. On Christmas Day, I think I will be by a beach.

Ivan: Yeah, he prefers Goa to Bangalore (laughs). I can happily skip work and stay at home with kids. We have decorated the Christmas tree on December 1 itself. My kids will open their stockings on 25th morning. And, there will be a big Christmas party at home in the evening.

Gordon: For Christmas, it is a different situation in the club.

Ivan: It’s going to be mixed bag for Christmas. As one heads into the New Year that it gets really big when everyone wants to go out and there are huge parties happening.

Gordon: I played in Ibiza during one of the summers and that was really a good experience.

Ivan: Christmas was special when we were kids. The excitement of Santa Claus, decorating the tree was all special. It’s one long festive month.

Gordon: I come from a musical family. My older brother lives in New York. It was beautiful to be in Manhattan during Christmas time. The whole family was there so that happens to be one of my best memories.

Ivan: The parties start with New Year. Charge all your batteries for the year-end parties so that you can just deflate it. Make sure that you do not get sick.

Gordon: It is our responsibility to make sure the party is great. I remember when I was not a DJ, I was disappointed at a party, where nothing seemed to be happening. Then I thought, when I become a DJ, I’ll be in control and make sure that people are having a good time.

Ivan: I remember in 2001, I was doing a New Year party in Bangalore. It was a big venue and there were 10,000 people. I did not want to interrupt the song so I said ‘Happy New Year’ five minutes past 12. In fact, it came in the newspapers the next day that it was a badly organised event and that the DJ had wished after mid-night. (laughs)

Gordon: If you are a DJ, you have to be in a right mood and also feel it. You have to be genuinely excited and people should feel that.

Ivan: Being a DJ is very simple. When everyone is relaxing and having a good time, we are working harder. On Mondays, when people are moaning to go to work, we are happy as it’s our best day. It is kind of reverse. But people also look up to you to entertain them. You cannot put it on. It has to come natural, and genuinely enjoy so that people get along with you at the party. House Music, the kind of music, we play is not very popular like Bollywood music. So there have to be good vibes at the party. When people see you enjoying, they will also want to enjoy.

Gordon: It’s always a challenge to find a good connection with people especially when you travel to different countries and play music. However, it has become interesting with technology. I can now find songs quickly and carry thousands of CDs.

Ivan: I have come a lot to Hyderabad. The city has changed a lot. A lot of niche music is being played. People are going out not expecting a particular kind of music on a particular night. In that sense, the city has evolved and is one of the big cities now.

Gordon: There is a kind of famous rumour about DJs that they are paid a lot of money. So far, it has not happened to me

DJ Ivan: My wife takes all the money, my wallet is empty(laughs).

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