ON THE day of the India - Pakistan hockey finals during the recently held Afro-Asian Games, an effective representation of a hockey stick and a ball running between the eyebrows was seen by my retina and sensed by the brain indicating that fashion is subject to reassessment and change.

Echoing the universal Indian idea, the bindi until some time back identified the wearer as a married woman Subhagi. By virtue of its continuation, it was Madonna indi Frozen who was perhaps the first style carrier to give bindi its new appeal. There after, contemporary components like the character of Ramola Sikand in the popular soap Kahin kissi roz have catapulted the status of the bindi and exposed it to the present day trends. With the bindi leaving enough room to experiment with the form, the style gallery reflects a multitude of ideas. The style charts indicate flowy, curvaceous lines to represent ideas from the garden. Floral concepts with flowers constituting spirals and hooplas with vertical bends to indicate the stem form a part of this `Indi' representation. The size of the bindi could be as desired by the wearer depending on the length of the forehead. In general, long bindis are sailing strong.

Shapes flagged under a vision of geometry form a part of the narration square, rectangle, rhombus, triangle - aligned single, overlapped or graded in size starting from the level of the brows extending till the hair line are ideas that are sitting pretty under the fashion tree. Compose these shapes to create your own signature. A signature, which is all about an element of interest.

Do not forget that colour is the most important keyword to indicate style this season. Match the colours of your garment say, a kurta or a T-shirt to the colour of the bindi. Also, shapes and symbols could be co-ordinated with the garment. To exemplify the same, sport a bindi with the symbol of Om or sun with wiry, petal-like rays with a kurta soaked in an `Indi' setting.


On a less serious note, creative line drawings of fish, stars, delicate birds with curvaceous beaks, five petal flowers, comic characters like Tweety, toddy shapes with hearts, `quickies' in terms of slogans and messages all can be signalled as your personal style. Apart from the regular sticker bindis and the liquid bindi packs that are readily available in the market, temporary glitter tubes can also be squeezed creatively to give you ideas with high fashion appeal.

The most happening crystal stickers could also be employed to be used single or to be composed as desired. Ready to wear compositions of these crystal stickers are also doing well. These concepts running into the hairline to be used as bindi cum maang tikka are just right for elaborate ethnic settings.

From the classy round shapes to floral shapes - the bindi with its new dynamo is sweeping the planet. With a triumphant freedom of expression and an outburst of creativity, the bindi is here with its new style binding.


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