Strong willed and rust free

Iron Maiden albums had many takers

The Iron maiden saga started in 1976 when Steve Harris and Dave Murray came together and formed one of heavy metal's leading performers. Borrowing the name Iron Maiden from a medieval torture contraption and utilising the standard shrieking vocals combined with guitar riffs, this group went on to become heavy metals' most celebrated sons.Iron Maiden was always an underground set up but what set them apart from other outfits were their unusually literate songs that were full of hellish imagery and ancient mythology. The use of a ten-foot long rotting corpse `Eddie' as a mascot their trademark. Ostracised by critics as Satanists mainly due to their unpalatable musical themes and gimmickry onstage, this band has endured and become well known the world over. Iron maiden made its awesome debut in 1980 releasing its self-titled album that contained the single `Running Free'. The compilation `Number of the beast' was released in 1982 with Bruce Dickinson on vocals. It was with this album that the band came into reckoning and became one of heavy metals most influential outfits. Despite virtually no radio or television exposure their next seven releases went either Platinum or Gold. Very little of their style was changed on these albums except on Somewhere in time where they departed from their regular fare to include synthesisers. Although Iron maiden was a major draw in Britain, America was a bit conservative in accepting this denim and leather attired herd.Iron Maiden has weathered many personnel changes and has survived a one-year hiatus to continue what they know to do best, play heavy metal music. This often-imitated band toured the better part of the 2000's and continues to record to this day. Their latest release was Matter of life and death in 2006.A. GEORGE ANTHONY

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