Still a "dreamgirl"

DANCE HAS always remained a passion for Hema Malini, even when she was reigning supreme in Bollywood. Charming and beautiful that she is even now, Hema is still busy with big screen offers and is associated with a host of other activities too.

What seems to set the actress, with two beautiful daughters, going so smooth, one would wonder! Her energy and fitness levels, both mental and physical, are something amazing, even as we see her get on to the stage with gusto at her age, bringing across thematic presentations that calls for some dedicated rehearsals and research work. Talent and beauty apart, it is her steps of commitment that spins across an artiste who is ever-so-full-of-life to get the best, and it is here that one hears her Art Of Living Course, Yoga and Reiki has come as a boon. Said to be a second-degree Reiki master, the so-called stress-relieversand meditation sure is doing wonders to Hema. All dreams quite in place for the "Dreamgirl"?

(By Ranjani Govind)