The new PVR Multiplex has something for everyone.

The new PVR Multiplex has something for everyone.  

ELECTRICALLY-OPERATED, fully-reclining couches with beverage cup holders, food service, and a bar-cum-lounge attached... Not quite your idea of a movie hall, isn't it? Well, PVR Multiplex is here at Forum Mall and has decided to completely revamp your idea of the movie-going experience.

This special experience comes with a hefty price, though. Hold your breath, Rs. 500! But then, watching stars in a starry ambience can't come cheap, can it? For the aam Bangalorean whose idea of luxury doesn't go beyond the balcony, the Gold Class that PVR offers is a different world altogether.

This unique experience begins from the world go, from the moment you buy your ticket. The ticket comes in a neat, small black cardboard folder and is printed very legibly, unlike the tacky ticket you are used to. What's more, it is legible (again, unlike in your usual movie ticket). And along with the ticket you also get a food and beverage coupon worth Rs. 150.

As you enter Gold Class, you are greeted by the tastefully-designed bar-cum-lounge, where you can order anything from champagne to pizzas and listen to some soft music while waiting for the show to begin. But do we need this prelude to a movie?

"It's all about a quality movie experience. This is the way most of the multiplexes are built abroad, on top of world-class malls and with world-class recreational facilities," says Ajjay Bijli, Managing Director, PVR Cinemas.

The whole multiplex has been well thought out, right from the doors to the signs pointing the way to the rest rooms. Every cinema hall at the multiplex has two doors at each entry and exit, so that viewers are not disturbed when people move in and out. The stairs inside the halls have turquoise neon strips, so that late comers don't have grope in the dark.

The seats (sorry, couches) in Gold Class are probably the best planned of them all. They recline back to an almost flat position, though you can take a while to get used to the idea of lying down in a cinema!

The couches in Gold Class recline to almost a horizontal position. — Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy

The couches in Gold Class recline to almost a horizontal position. — Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy  

The first movie to be screened in this sparkling new cinema hall was The Terminal starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta Jones. I must say that the couches in this hall would have put the terminal lounge at JFK International, New York, to shame and the digital surround sound made people look up to see whether the flights were landing on top of them!

But the most striking difference between other cinemas and this is that there is no interval in the middle of the movie. You can order anything from Mexican tacos to Italian pizzas while simply lying on the couch, without moving a muscle.

But will the prices keep movie buffs away from Gold Class? Ajjay doesn't think so. "We are giving a quality experience and people will come," he says, confidently. But for those who don't want to buy this argument, there are less starry as well here.

The two Europa halls (Rs. 150 for shows before 5 p.m. and Rs. 175 for films after) have a lounge, but don't have the comfy couches and the food service, while the nine normal halls (Rs. 80) are for those who believe in just catching the movies.


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