Spiderman's buddy

NICOLE KIDMAN'S split with Tom Cruise was made bearable for her, she told David Letterman on his show, by the fact that at least now she could wear her high heels again. Ms. Kidman was referring to the fact that she is several inches taller than Tom Cruise.

But, recent weeks have had rumours flying fast and furious about her friendship with Tobey Maguire, the Spiderman sensation. Nicole, 34, is taller than Tobey, 26. There is much speculation on whether she is going to start wearing flat shoes again. Now Nicole Kidman's spokeswoman has officially denied that there is any truth to the rumours of an affair.

The stars are good friends, who like to hang out together, and that is all, the spokeswoman has stated. Since both Nicole and Tobey's careers are doing so well at present, it seems as if this is a case of buddies standing tall together.

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