Song for the season

Choir time The Hyderabad Choral Society

Choir time The Hyderabad Choral Society   | Photo Credit: Photo: K. Ramesh Babu

Hyderabad Choral Society heralded the season with beautiful music

Barely 5.45 pm. And the sun had retired for the day leaving behind a pinkish blue reminder on the rim of the skyline that winter was settling in.

And, like every winter, this year too The Hyderabad Choral Society rendered its collection of Jazz and Pop Choir arrangements at Vidyaranya School, which is tucked well into the background, away from the mainstream cacophony. The promise generated by a Peepal and an Indian Coral tree at the entrance is fulfilled by substantial expanses of low hanging foliage all round inside.

The programme titled ‘Swing Softly’ took place in a cosy cove sheltered on three sides by lofty overhangs of Neem, Soapnut and a tamarind tree. Floodlights picked up the simple ‘Rangoli’ that endowed bright crimson walls at the far ends of the cove. The Raintree behind the stage decorated with intertwining with light-strings resembled a Christmas Tree... or did the general mood make us imagine so?

The 300-odd seating capacity quickly filled up and overflowed to the enclosures to the side of the stage. For an event that did not feature rock or current hits, the audience surprisingly contained a fair percentage of youth. Conducted by Jonathan Hewitt, it covered old favourites like All that Jazz, Billy Joel, a Bealtle’s medley comprising songs like Hard Days Night, Get Back, Yellow Submarine etc. It also featured a piano solo by Iryna Tsarenko and duets and trios by Jonathan Hewitt, Ajit Comfort, Jagdish Antony, Shalika and Iryna.

The air was clearly one of celebrations round the corner. In the fitness of things the last four numbers were Carols - White Christmas, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Luck Be a Lady.

After submitting to clamours of ‘One more!’ the programme drew to a close. Hugs, handshakes, smiles and spot socialising followed before they left. But not all of them for home, one suspected. The wintry evening was way too young. Warm huddles over hot ginger tea and snacks would provide the perfect setting for the best laid plans. For Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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