Sneha and sensibility

A sizable amount of Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films later, Sneha has managed to gain a foothold in the film industry

SHE BLAZED her way through numerous films in Tamil and Malyalam, and her performances in the handful of Telugu films left an indelible mark. A discovery of Fazil, Sneha is her own person.

"If the film doesn't charge me or if I don't relate to the character I am playing, I won't do it and an absolute no to showing skin. I look glamorous in a salwar kameez and in a sari. My comfort level on the sets depends on the dress I wear," says Sneha .

Only 23, she has a sensible head on her shoulders and a no-nonsense air about her. All the rumours about an affair with a co-star and an impending marriage have taken a back seat.

"Earlier, I used to cry listening to all that malicious gossip, but then I resolved not to bother or clarify things. In this industry, kuch paaney ke liye kuch khona padtha hai."

Her films Priyamaina Neeku, Anandam, Vasool Raja MBBS, Autograph, etc., are testimony to her abundant talent and her belief in herself about the kind of roles she wants to portray.

Reminiscing her first film in Telugu, she says the song Manasulonunnadhi has become synonymous with her name. "In the film, when my father gets transferred and I leave for Vizag, there is a short song sequence Vinapadutundha na priyamaina neeku, which is my favourite shot. I have a penchant for love stories because there you get a chance to emote in so many ways. That film set me thinking and I feel a person should never hesitate to express his or her feelings."

She adds, "I had worked for a Tamil film called Autograph for 20 days but I appeared for a few minutes only on the screen. I was so convinced with the role that the duration didn't matter."

Sneha says Toli Valapu was a learning experience and it was very different from the role in Priyamaina Neeku. "It was a mature love story. My character wasn't revealed till the second half of the film. The film is special to me because, for the first time, I went abroad. I got to see New Zealand, which is my dream destination. A few songs were picturised there and it was fun."

She continues, "While Hanuman Junction was a boisterous film, Venky had me playing a soft character. In real life, I'm like that. I am reserved till I get to know a person. The character jelled with me so much. For the first time, I was doing a folk song in Telugu called Gongura Thota in which I really freaked out. Director Srinu Vytla knows what the audience wants. He would pay attention to minute details ranging from my dress to the character. It is very important for me to work with good directors and I am lucky that right from the beginning I was associated with really talented people."

Sneha is currently working in Sankranthi, a Supergood Films' venture, which is a remake of Tamil film Anandam and Radhagopalam opposite Srikanth.

"The latter is an interesting story about a couple who are both in the same profession, how they deal with their ego problems and come out triumphant in the end. I was amazed when director Bapu showed me the script. It was complete with drawings of the characters. They all are so clear about what they want and work quite hard. I consider myself lucky to be a part of the film."

Sneha doesn't believe in the rat race and says that if you are destined to do a particular film, it will definitely come to you. She believes that there is no point in signing a lot of films.

"The three-and-a-half years I spent in this industry taught me a lot — right from the way I am supposed to sit, to what I am supposed to speak."

Surely, Sneha has come a long way. From a raw and an untrained starlet, she has metamorphosed into a confident established actress.


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