Smart kids... doing smarter things

A FEW TINY tots, nursery rhymes, race and fancy dress competition. It had all ingredients for bringing a smile to the face of even the most wilted spirits at the annual sports meet of Modern Academy in Ghaziabad's Indirapuram colony. The event was held at Ghaziabad's Parade Ground. Wonderful kids left no stone unturned to ensure that `Rhyme Time' stole the hearts of everyone present. The event unfolded with an oath taking ceremony. Francis Fanthome was the chief guest.

The excitement rose when the 50 metres race commenced. It was followed by a display of kaleidoscopic flowers, butterflies and fairies in an event called Land of Nectar. Looking at the wonderful collection one felt as if one was actually enjoying the aroma of flowers and witnessing butterflies sitting pretty on the daffodils. The next event, another 200 metres relay race left many high and dry while others full of enthusiasm as the event was extremely competitive even then there was bonhomie and camaraderie. For a fancy race, children came in the best of their costumes, bright and colourful with lots of pampering. One came as "The Runaway Bride". The audiences had a belly laugh when the groom was seen waiting endlessly for his bride to run towards him, garland him so that they could reach the finishing line before anybody else!

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