Small talk in a big way

IN A country where technology is on par with the most advanced nations of the world but available only to a minority, Nokia - one of the leading companies in mobile communications - is trying to tap the market potential of the billion-strong population for its cellular phones. The company has recently introduced Nokia 2100, described as "a new affordable handset for first time users".

The notable features of this phone include its compact size and local language features. Hindi, Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese and Bahasa Malaysia are the languages supported by the local language menu text. It is also being publicised as a user-friendly device with fun features such as animated screensavers, games and a picture editor with the possibility of creating personalised picture messages. The phone also contains the usual add-ons such as phonebook, alarm clock, stopwatch, etc.

At 85 grams, the Nokia 2100 may not weigh down the pocket, but at a price of Rs.7299, consumers might consider their pockets lighter anyway. With the target audience being first time users, it remains to be seen whether they will be persuaded that this little communication device loaded with extra features is worth its price.

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