Sleep on it

YOUR BRAIN is a marvel. Your subconscious brain works constantly, even when you're asleep. It can deal with an infinite number of things simultaneously and retains everything that happens to you. Consciously or unconsciously, through reasoning things out , this vast storehouse is available for you to draw on. It can provide you with an endless pool of information, insights and conclusions - if you let it. Your conscious mind is far less, yet far more, powerful. Although it uses only one per cent of your brain and works only when you're awake, I can prevent your subconscious knowledge and insights from `getting through' to you. The more preoccupied, stressed and harassed you feel, the more your conscious mind will block out the important information your subconscious has to offer. Keep your conscious mind as clear and fresh as you can so that your subconscious brain does what it's programmed to do.