Simply superb

SETTING NEW standards in simplicity with their humble disposition and pleasing manners, the couple is no doubt endearing to carry on a free, non-stop conversation. Working for Central Bank for more than 30 years, Balarama Murthy, the Regional Manager, is always excited and finds his job ever gripping and gratifying.

An ideal housewife, Rajya Lakshmi, stands by the side of Mr. Murty through thick and thin. Ask her, she goes on joyously pouring out even minute details about their little, lovable children. There ensues a smooth, soothing conversation that blends well with the serene environs of Hotel DV Manor.

"Oh! I have come a long way working as a banker. I have been transferred 18 times in the 30 years I have been working. This job has given us an opportunity to travel throughout India. Though it got tough at times, I think the exposure did a lot good to my kids," beams Mr. Murthy. Quickly catching up, Laksmi reveals that their stay at Bhopal and Tirupati were the best of times and most memorable ones at that. The couple burst into a noisy, hearty laughter as they recalled the days that brought a train of relatives every and now then during their stay in the pilgrim town of Tirupati. It was great their house was swarmed by guests who came visiting for the blessings of Lord Venkateswara. "Well, it gave us a chance to see our relatives after all. It was a kind of nostalgia about our own people," smiles Murthy. Murthy is scrupulous in food habits. "Eating light for dinner is just another health tip I follow," grins Murthy ordering a few rotis and palakpaneer.

Besides the day-to-day chores that keeps her quite occupied, Laksmi enjoys watching the endless, tear jerking soaps on TV. "While work is on my head most of the time, I just have a habit of reading newspapers during my leisure time. And, I read as many newspapers as I can," says Murthy. A regular walk in the morning is a must and `early to bed, early to rise' is something that is strictly followed in their house, confesses the couple.

Kulu Manali is their favorite, mesmerising place they ever visited and the place has left them with a lot of memories and details that they will not hide and always ready to share with others. Hailing from Tenali and having traveled widely, the couple expresses that it's been a rich experience and helped in exchange of a lot of ideas and food habits that are observed across the length and breadth of the country. Now that they are back close to their hometown, they say that it's once again going to give them time to restore their relationships with their relatives. "I never consider my work at the bank as just a job, it's more than that for me. It gives me immense satisfaction to work for people." gleams Murthy with content and a sense of accomplishment.