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IN SPOTLIGHT Kay Kay Menon is basking under the glow of recent success

IN SPOTLIGHT Kay Kay Menon is basking under the glow of recent success  

Post `Sarkar', the film industry has discovered Kay Kay Menon in a new light

If looks could kill he has them, if acting could freeze he has the ability. Deewar, Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi and Sarkar, Kay Kay is finally born at 33. Why? His gestation period was marred by stereotypes. "Once after speaking to a filmmaker for half-an-hour in chaste Hindi, he asked me my name. I said Kay Kay Menon. He shot back can you speak Hindi?" That day I dropped my surname and decided to make way as Kay Kay only. "It's only recently that the media has discovered my surname again."

Someone who is on the stage since "the age of nine," Kay Kay studied to be an advertisement professional to "conform to the societal rules" but soon became "a pauper by choice" doing theatre and the film that describes jinx - Paanch. With a smile that conceals much more than it reveals, he says, "The Paanch fiasco made me realise how to be dispassionately passionate about my work. Before Deewar I was considered a soft intelligent face, after Sarkar, I have been called a maniac with lean mean looks. In the industry the perception changes every minute. After all, cinema is the most disorganised form of art where there are no constants, only variables."

He adds, "That's why I don't believe in the best actor award. Somebody could be judged a best actor if all other contenders have also performed the same role in the same conditions. There could be a token of appreciation, that's it."

Kay Kay feels blessed to be born in a period where filmmakers are ready to experiment and ready to `de-condition' people of the `fantastic period' of the 1980s and 90s.

"At that time a villain was cast according to the size rather than the emotions he can portray. But then we have to realise, those were the days of depression and the audience didn't want to see anything real." He doesn't mind running around trees either. "I can do a better job with a tree than many. I don't want to prove anything but if abhinaya is involved I can dance but I can't do aerobics."

Kay Kay has an interesting line up ahead. Coming soon is Dansh with Sonali Kulkarni. Set in 1986, he is playing the spokesperson of the Mizo National Front.

Then he has thrillers in the form of Highway 203 and Ek Khiladi Ek Hasina and a Chandan Arora comedy, Main Meri Patni Aur Woh.


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