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REAL ROMANCE Actress Namrata is busy setting up home with husband Mahesh Babu

REAL ROMANCE Actress Namrata is busy setting up home with husband Mahesh Babu  

And they lived happily ever after... is a familiar finale for the celluloid potboilers. In the end, the hero and heroine overcome several seemingly insurmountable hurdles and more often than not, blissfully walk into the sunset. Interestingly, many of these joyous endings have extended to the real life as well. In fact, the love stories of film stars, their secret weddings, heartache, separation and reunion can actually provide innumerable exciting plots for the silver screen.

Early this year we witnessed another star wedding, when Mahesh Babu and Namrata Shirodhkar tied the knot in a simple family affair.

Namrata gave her last shot before marriage for Gurindar Chaddha's Bride and Prejudice. She says, "I guess every woman at some point wants to have a family and settle down. I have had my share of work and am not yearning for offers anymore. I will sign the dotted line only if something really good comes up and that too on my terms. For me, my home and husband is important. I have to see what makes both of us happy."

Is Mahesh really the man of her dreams? She throws that megawatt smile and says, "It is all destiny. I believe in karma. We knew we would get married ever since we were seeing each other, there was no doubt about it. There was not a moment in our life when we were never together but the media blew it out of proportion. You can't stop people from writing . Interviews and public opinion about me never mattered. I know exactly who I am," she says and adds, "I am responsible to my husband and in-laws because I am connected to them on a day to day basis. We both are very private people. We just take all the gossip in our stride. We have enough time for each other and that's what matters. And all those stories about my pregnancy are not true. Eventually we will start a family and when we do people will know about it."

Namrata's visage glows when the topic of marital life is brought up. "Being married is the best feeling. It is an amazing experience. This is the best time of my life. Mahesh has brought happiness, understanding and above all contentment. Currently, I am busy setting up our home finding the right things for it by sourcing stuff.I love doing things on my own and I want to have a really good home for us. I want him to have the best." She continues, "My parents are my only attachment in Mumbai and my friends, who are barely a few. My sister lives in London and I'm extremely close to her and her daughter."

Life sure seems a romance straight out of the silver screen for Namrata. And like they show it on celluloid, this is the beginning.


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