Set for a second innings

A BRIEF lull in his career and he is back with a vengeance. Nagendra Prasad, who was instrumental in giving a sleek look to local productions in the 90s, has returned to stake his rightful place on Telugu channels.

Prasad can be seen in a horde of serials on different channels these days. The film and television actor was there in Oke Okkadu, Swathi and is going great guns with Nammaleni Nijalu on ETV. He will be shortly seen in Peddarikam, Vijaya Samrat and Aparadhi on Zee Alpha.

However, his best effort to date has been Idekkadaina Vunda which he produced and acted. This gripping serial ushered in a new wave of production values on Doordarshan which then was content with drab affairs that lacked in technique and talent. This was followed by equally popular serial Bhoja Raju Kathalu which turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the time.

Prasad who revelled in his carefully nurtured negative image on the screen, is now looking to break the mould. "I am not very keen on villainous characters. I think I had enough of killings and being wicked on the screen," he laughs.

Apart from Telugu, he also featured in several Hindi productions including the popular Jai Veer Hanuman and Buddha telecast on Sony. And he has recently shot for Safar scheduled to go on a national network. While keeping alive his passion for small screen, Prasad also had a tryst with its bigger version and acted in films like Samakka Sarakka and Pilistey Palukuta. "Television assignments give more satisfaction as the medium takes me straight into sitting rooms," he says.

The spate of dubbing serials that bombard viewers these days is what the artiste resents most. "When we have good talent in Telugu and the best of infrastructure available, why import serials," he argues.

There is hope yet. The spurt in the number of Telugu channels is sure to boost the opportunities for local talent. "Young artistes should not lose heart for I am sure, good days are ahead for the industry here," says the seasoned performer.


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