The article `Labour with love' by V.Irai Anbu is scintillating .His comment that `Unless we work, we will remain indefinitely indebted to everyone' is surely, not a matter of opinion. Sadly, however, many who have ability are on the bread-line these days because they look upon work, to earn a living, as an unwelcome responsibility. Therefore, the pain they suffer is self chosen. Even then little do they realise that hard work always acts as the breath of life with which one can climb up the social ladder, get an identity and recognition in society. The scriptures say that, `He who brings himself down instead of raising his personality will have to accept unpleasant consequences in life.' Under the circumstances, the author's observation while wrapping up the article that, "Occupation is an opportunity to unfold our individuality" should be taken seriously. It would have served its purpose if those who are inactive spend their time productively hereafter with a sense of commitment.



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