Santa in the slums

FESTIVALS COME and go. For children living in slums the everyday struggle for existence leaves little time for these luxuries of life. Haggling to eke out a meal enough to keep their hearts beating , these children seem to get no humour out of comic presentations nor do their eyes moisten upon seeing a tragic scene. It was, however, quite different at CRY's - Child Relief and You - `Swati' Project at Kanak Durga slum in Delhi's R.K.Puram area on this Christmas week.

Pizza Corner tied up with CRY to organise for these under-privileged children, a Christmas programme that evoked enthusiastic response from the children. From singing and dancing to the `jalebi' run (a fun race with jalebis in hand), children took active part in everything. The magic show left the children mesmerised but a few keen eyes were able to make out some fake tricks of the conjuror. Later, Santa Claus distributed toys and candies among the children.

Pizza Corner, on Children's Day this year, started a `Food For Good' programme in which a table at the restaurants each outlet was earmarked as `Table of Hearts' and 10 per cent of the proceeds from these tables was raised as a fund for CRY's different programmes. Similar programmes were held simultaneously in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Anoop Sequeira, CEO of Pizza Corner, said, "Underprivileged children deserve a lot more than they are getting now, that is why we undertook this effort at the national level to make people aware of it."

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