Salman's amusing answers

A FEW hours after Vivek Oberoi's outburst against him on television, Salman Khan was amused, almost monkish in his acceptance of a colleague's bitter recriminations. "Don't worry, it's nothing, nothing at all. Please don't write anything about it. Vivek Oberoi is a kid, who has just discovered the joys of stardom. He'll learn with time. I will cope with this problem, just like I have with all my other problems." Hours before flying off to London, Salman gives a philosophical answer to the grave charges levelled against him. "Have you heard about Lord Buddha? There was a man who was spitting at him constantly. A well-wisher asked Lord Buddha why he wasn't reacting and he said, "Let the man get rid of all the filth inside him. All I have to do is wash my face." I'm certainly no Buddha. But let me face it calmly," says Salman. When pointed out what a big news Vivek's press conference made, he retorted, "Whose name got him there? If my name can get someone so much playing time on TV then it must mean something? If someone tries to pull you down it means you're a lot higher. If he wants to put me down to be one up, let him do it. I've no problem. I know my friends want to speak on my behalf. But I don't want them to. They love me too much to say anything bad about me."