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Sashikanth (with Reema Sen) makes an unimpressive debut

Sashikanth (with Reema Sen) makes an unimpressive debut  

Neetho Vastha


Cast: Sasikanth, Reema Sen

Dir: K. Ajeyakumar

A FLAT story, mechanical filming and the unimpressive voice and diction of debutant Sasikanth, appear to have marred the prospects of this film. The film is quite ordinary and it deals with the same old classroom comedy generated out of teasing the lecturers. Director Ajeya Kumar has concentrated on projecting the hero as a superhero rather than a romantic oneFight composer Kanal Kannan is therefore kept busy. Reema Sen, who was good in her initial films in Telugu looks quite tired and lost now. She has no role to play except doing the usual things like chasing the hero, teasing him, dancing with him and finally falling in love. All this happens before they learn that they are childhood friends. The film commences at this point of their childhood.

Child Santosh is the younger brother of Satyamurthy, president of a village, played by Nasser. One fails to understand how Satyamurthy has such a young brother. The heroine is the daughter of Bapineedu (Devan), a close friend of Satyamurthy. These two decide to get their children married when they grow up. Bapineedu requests Satyamurthy not to contest the Panchayat election as he wants to do so. Satyamurthy obliges and when Bapineedu is elected, the cruelty in him surfaces.

A small verbal row leads Bapineedu to push Satyamurthy down into the valley. Satyamurthy survives but is paralysed for life. Satyamurthy moves away with his brother and opens an automobile workshop for survival. Bapineedu's younger brother (Raghu) is also equally villainous. Meanwhile, Santosh and Asha (Reema Sen) are grown up now. They study in the same college but don't know they are childhood friends. The routine tease drama and fights take up quite some time. Some rowdy students led by Bhupati Naidu (Shafi) clash with Santosh frequently. Bhupathi wants to marry Asha.

Once Santosh happens to see Bapineedu and recognises him he distances himself from Asha. How Asha decides to win Satyamurthy's heart forms the rest of the film with some inconsequential twists.

Nasser gets an illogical and senseless role. So do some of the others. There is nothing much to write about the music of this film.


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