Round & About

Bits and pieces from the reporters’ scrapbook that didn’t make the main stories.

Ode to yesterday

An eminent businessman was recently speaking at a formal gathering. Most of the people in the elegant audience were senior professionals. Mid-speech, he quoted lines from a Hindi song of the 1950s.

Suddenly the prim atmosphere was rent with what sounded like a hive of agitated bees. The reporter guiltily checked whether it was her phone. Then she realised it was the older — and most distinguished — section of the audience, all blissfully transported into the era of actor Nutan, each one discreetly humming the tune.

Adults only

At a recent book reading for children, uninterested children were absorbed in puzzles and other books. Parents, however, bored of telling their children to pay attention to the reading, took to loudly answering calls on their mobiles and walking in and out of the reading area. Often, adulthood is a great excuse to do what you please.

Intrepid head-bangers

The Band Association of Chennai (BAC) had organised two rock concerts at the Buck’s Theatre. At the first one, the MC asked head-bangers to keep off a plank placed in front of the stage. “It covers a sewer,” he said. But images of walking knee-deep in muck did not force these diehard rock fans to step back. So, at the second concert, the MC warned them of an irremediable situation. “This plank covers a huge pit and if it breaks, you will fall to your death. You will die! It is as simple as that!” Not that it helped.

Smoke and mirrors

At a recent rock concert organised in support of a cancer prevention group, the lead vocalist of a popular band raised his voice against smoking. But at the end of his spirited speech, he said, “But man, it is difficult to give up smoking!” And when the next band took over, he was relaxing with a cigarette in hand. When asked how he could do such a thing, he replied coolly, “But I thought I confessed my addiction to tobacco.”

Trumpet trove

To thieves targeting bus passengers, Saravanan’s trumpet appears to be a treasure when put inside a bag. These mobile bandits have cut his trumpet bag with a blade umpteen number of times.

(Contributed by Shonali Muthalaly, Asha S. Menon and Prince Frederick)

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