Romantic verses and visuals

LOVE SUPREME Nithin has a yen for romantic lines and music

LOVE SUPREME Nithin has a yen for romantic lines and music   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: H.VIBHU

Nithin's first album, 'Autograph' has romantic verses. K PRADEEP chats with the guy who has also composed and sung his own verses

For me, 'Autograph' means so much. I think my whole life revolves on it. I have sung with my heart nithin Romance at short notice seems to be Nithin's speciality. His knack for churning out romantic verses in quick time made him a big hit in college. For friends who wanted to pour their heart out to their sweethearts or during Valentine's Day every year Nithin used to be thronged with requests for love verses.


But never did he think of writing lyrics as a career. Singing was what he always wanted to do and with every growing year this longing became stronger. With the launch of 'Autograph,' his maiden music album, Nithin has virtually taken the bull by the horns."This is the dream of any musician. And for me, 'Autograph' means so much. I think my whole life revolves on it. I have sung with my heart," says this young singer who has also written the lyrics and composed the tunes for this album.Nithin began singing right from the time he was in school in Dubai. But it was at the Sacred Heart College, Thevara, where he did his degree, that singing became a serious pastime. In fact, Nithin has the unique record of winning the light music title at the Mahatma Gandhi University youth festival three times in a row. He sang songs penned by Prateesh Ayyamppilly and composed by P. R. Prakash on all the three occasions. "This was really the best thing to happen to me till this album. For someone with no formal training in music this was simply out of the world."Nithin's talent for singing must have been inherent. His father, Gopi Menon, was a fine singer and the soul of the now defunct music group Samuel Memorial Arts Club (SMAC). "It must have been when I was studying in the fourth standard or so that I first listened to my father sing live on stage. He was the main singer for that programme. Since then, every time I saw him on stage I wanted to sing."Strangely, however, Nithin sung nothing significant after he left college. He did anchor a music competition for a television channel, joined a friend and formed 'Khazana' a ghazal group that did not take off. For more than a year now he has been anchoring a television show called quite ironically 'Autograph.' "It's true that I did not do much as a singer. Of course there were a couple of devotional and light music albums in which I sang. I also tried my hand at composing during this phase. And one of them, a devotional album, won for Gayatri the best singer award at a television award."And that was when the album 'Autograph,' happened. The nine songs, all in Malayalam, target a teen market. The album, three songs of which have been visualised, tries to influence through various mediums like music television.

No compromises

"I was fortunate to have a friend like Alex Thomas who readily agreed to produce the album. With his seamless support we have attempted to create music that is actually meaningful. We were keen to see that no compromise was made on the quality of music, recording, visuals, everything."All the songs have romance as its running theme. Nithin has deliberately used a heavily accented singing style, soft and sensuous. The video version of two songs 'Yen Nenjile... ' and 'Manjile kuliril ni... ' beamed by various television channels have become quite popular by now. " There are so many people who have contributed their creative input. The music programming and orchestration is by Francis Sabu, we had two cinematographers Kaloor Kalyan and Vijay from Chennai and also two directors Lijo Jose Pellissery and Gireesh Mangalath. We got Deepti Gujral, Gladrags Miss India 2004 and Viju, the Proline supermodel from Mumbai to star in one of the videos, while the two others were my friends from the city itself. We plan to release the third video featuring Deepti and Viju for this year's Valentine's Day. The audio album, marketed by Satyam Audios, has already reached the music stands."'Autograph' stands solidly on it's own. The tracks are soulful and distinctly inspiring. The visuals are soothing, sensual, leaving room for desire and romance to grow. Nithin's maiden album sure inspires teens.

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