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IF ANYONE feels he or she has had enough of idlis, sambar, dosas, pongal and filter coffee; here is some good news. For a change, the `Tornado' has a range of foodstuff which will impress the gourmets.

The very name reflects the ambience inside. "You can call it a mini restaurant, a coffee pub or an ice cream parlour, but our motto is to cater to the needs of our customers," says K.Thanikodi, proud proprietor of this restaurant.

As you enter, a soft melody from the brand new latest internationally speakers engulfs you. For a second, you feel that the whole world has changed and you are at some star hotel. The lighting and seating arrangements had such a telling impact on the customers.

Just a glance at the carte du jour creates a sense of wonder in the minds of customers as the names of some of the ice creams listed under the Sundae (this is how they call their ice cream mix) creates a chilling effect on the customers. To sample a few, `Sunshine', `Black Thunder', `Horizon', `Tempest', `Twister' and of course `Tornado special'.

"As we christened the restaurant as `Tornado' we decided to name the menus in relation to weather," says T.Shyam Sundar, son of Thanikodi, who looks after `Tornado'.

"Our forte is the Chinese and continental items," says Mr.Thanikodi.

The whiff of aroma emanating from the foodstuff prompts one to enquire about that food. Such is the preparation. "Here everything is prepared fresh. You order it and it is prepared then and there and delivered. The only minus point may be that you may have to wait for minutes to get your order. But the advantage has been you get the fresh food stuff," says Mr.Shyam Sundar.

"Impressed and inspired from the coffee pubs in some of the restaurants I visited in Coimbatore and Bangalore, I decided to have an establishment of the same kind in this variety-starved Temple City," he says.

Some of the specials are fish burger, fish cutlets, grilled and toasted sandwiches and the unique `kathi' rolls (which is nothing but chapathi stuffed with chicken). Besides there are also range of pizzas to satisfy the taste buds of food buffs.

"We also have meals for our customers in afternoon. Our meals are healthy and quite different from the meals offered by other hotels. Our meals comprise a sweet, vegetable salad, soup, fried rice or noodles or both, hot and sour sauce French fries or `nuggets' and coke or slush. The price of the meal ranges from Rs.40 to 55 both vegetarian and non-vegetarian," says Mr.Shyam Sundar.

"Our target has been customers who come with their families, as 80 per cent of our customer base is families," he says.

"Just to facilitate the children in the families we have a playing area, specially designed for the children. Besides we have also started a gift shoppe on the premises itself," he says.

But the cynosure of this restaurant has been a huge fish tank placed right at the centre, which attracts huge crowd. Once in 10 days we change the fish inside the tank and the good thing is that we take pains to collect details of the fish and placed it alongside the tank for the benefit of our customers," said Mr.Thanikodi.

"Though our working hours has been 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., we do entertain customers from business communities even after 11 p.m., our peak working hours is 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.," he says.

But one good thing about their establishment is that they had employed college students in their restaurant.


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