The chosen four: the all-new kudi-munda band

The chosen four: the all-new kudi-munda band  

EXACTLY A year after introducing the all-girl band — Viva — Channel V continued its handpicking exercise and has just launched the debut music album of the latest kudi-munda band — Aasma.

Sangeet Haldipur, Neeti Mohan, Jimmy Felix, and Vasudha Sharma are the chosen four who underwent gruelling tests by music industry gurus like names such as Palash Sen, Purab Kohli, and Mehnaaz Hoosein.

The winners come from different regions and musical backgrounds. Sangeet hails from Jaipur and has a strong musical backing. In fact, he was previously part of a band called Nexus. "We started by playing jazz and then moved on to funk and progressive music, and at a later stage, we roped in a tabla and a flute player, and started our own little fusion," he says. "The band was strongly influenced by the Louis Banks School of Music," adds this young performer. In addition, Sangeet has also won a State award for his song in the Marathi film Raju. "But it was my stint with Nexus that really provided the platform for my singing talent and confidence when I went for Popstars," he admits.

The other "munda", Jimmy, too was part of a band before he came into Popstars 2. "I was the lead vocalist in a band called Rapture Wings. We played essentially any form of pop and commercial. Sometimes we used to play old Hindi songs or even rock or Punjabi music," says Jimmy, who hails from Delhi. This 23-year-old is considered the "bade bhaiyya" of the group. He laughs: "You won't believe it, but it's the youngest member of our group, Vasudha, who sometimes orders us about. So, I'm not really the big boy here."

Vasudha, 18, trained in Hindustani classical music for a year, and feels that this definitely gave her an added edge in the contest. "Indian music has strong roots, and definitely enhances one's singing abilities." Asked how she felt being the youngest in the band, she replies: "I'm the pampered one and I generally get things done my way. Well, I feel special."

The other "kudi" in the band, however, comes from a completely different background. Neeti Mohan from Delhi has been a dance tutor in Dance Works, an institution that teaches jazz and ballet. She says this made it easier for her to relate to the choreography.

The four were groomed by popular figures such as Bhavdeep Jaipurwale (vocal trainer), Terrence Lewis (choreographer), Micky Mehta (fitness trainer), and Rocky S. (stylist).

The band has just released a self-titled debut album, which was launched in Mumbai with a massive concert a week ago, where biggies such as Sukhbir, Euphoria, and Viva performed live. The first number, "Chandu Ke Chacha" gives new life to a popular Hindi tongue twister, by adding a rap sequence and energetic vocals. The song is getting high airplay across radio stations, and the dance moves in the video are becoming popular as well. Salim-Sulaiman are the music directors for this song.

Two other songs, "Jeet Jayenge Hum" and "Apni Har Subah Nayee" are as the titles suggest, are happy, feel-good numbers. Palash Sen (of Euphoria) has composed the sentimental "Pyar", which is a slow, mellow track. Vishal Bharadwaj and Jatin-Lalit are the other composers in the nine-track album.

The debut album has hardly been in stores for a week, and it already seems to be creating waves.


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