Rahman tune for NDTV

THE SIGNATURE tune of NDTV's new Hindi channel, due to go on air this week, has been created by A.R. Rahman.

Having decided to start his new Hindi and English channels, after his contract with Star News was over, Prannoy Roy approached the music maestro to design the sound of the Hindi NDTV India.

Chief Executive Producer, Radhika Roy, says: "We always knew we wanted Rahman and nobody . It is not just his music, but also what he stands for. He is somebody who's always done his own thing. And as an organisation, that is exactly what NDTV does. He marches to the beat of his own drum. And we love that about him."

NDTV staff watched Rahman as he went to work on his assignment in Chennai. "When we heard it, we were blown away," say the people from NDTV.

Music for the English channel, NDTV 24/7, has been composed by David Lowe, well known for his signature tunes for the BBC and British Airways.