PRAKASH IS in need of veg. or non-veg. lunch packets for two on a daily basis by his office in Teynampet.

* M.A. Annadurai wants to know of somebody who conducts classes on veg. carving and also Chettinadu cuisine.

* Jacquline requires a caterer for non-veg multi-cuisine (Anglo-Indian cooking pref.) dinners for 3 adults — Monday - Thursdays.

* John Bennett Victor from Haddows Road, Nungambakkam wants lunch (low cal, veg or non-veg, north or south Indian) to be delivered at his office everyday.

* Roshni wants to know where she could get Karaikudi supari (it is fried in ghee).

* Kavita wants to learn North Indian veg. cooking and baking in and around Mandaveli or Nungambakkam.

* Mrs. Bannerjee wants to know where she can get the brown paper used to line the cake dish before baking.

* Gayatri from Spurtank Road, Chetpet wants to know if anyone could supply her dinner for one everyday.

* A company in Anna Nagar wants south Indian veg lunch for 40 persons for 5 days a week. Their budget is Rs. 20/- per person.

* Dr. Ajeethraj Chordia wants to know where he can get pure honey, preferably Kashmiri honey. He needs it for medicinal purposes and also daily intake.

(Rashmi Uday Singh is a food reporter,critic and author for 21 years. Food and health are her passions. )

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