Queries Answered

C S. SRIDHAR RAO, for hand pounded rice, you can call Kuppuswamy Tel: 22247498, but he cannot assure organic, as it is very difficult to get.

* Khusali, for Gujarati pure Jain lunch and dinner everyday in Vepery, call Geetha Tel: 26164430 or Shashi Chordia Tel: 25290067 or Meena Vora at 26411209.

* S.N. Prasad, for veg. meals, you can call Pradeep Menon Tel: 26424937/ 26441960.

* Geetha wanted to learn making phulkas/chapatis. She can call Jayanti Tel: 23717801 or Meenakshi Sriram Tel: 28343126 or Bharathi Tel: 23713850

* Sheila wanted kalkals. She can call Desmond Carter. Tel: 22311151.

* Anirudha wanted homemade food at Nungambakkam. She can call Anu Kapoor Tel: 26262623.

* Sujatha Shivashanmugam wanted a cook. She can contact Uma who can recommend someone. Tel: 24898577.

* Saroja wanted a maid. She can call Sundari who is interested in working for her. Tel: 22397866.

* Brinda Reddy wanted soymilk. She can call Visalakshi Tel: 24362117.

* For microwave cookery classes, Vasanti, you can call Shikha Midha Tel: 26162818 or Sheila Ramamurthy Tel: 26479075.

* Balaiah and Sujatha wanted lady cooks. They can call Shymala Shekhar.Tel: 26581560.

* T. N. Vamanan wanted Andhra masala powders or pickles. She can call Mrs. Ali Tel: 28480146.

* Anju from Purusawalkam for tiffin, can call Geeta Mehta. Tel: 26164430.

* For North Indian cookery classes, Saravanan can call Meenakshi from West Mambalam Tel: 8343126.

* For learning dry chutney powder, Maganlal Jhaver, you can call Nayan Jhabakh Tel: 24986503.

* For North and South Indian food Mrs. Farook, Shobha and Mrs. Nair, you can call Aishwarya Joshi, Tel: 26581560 or Mrs. Chella, Tel: 23746705 or Sangeeta, Tel: 28181856.

(Rashmi Uday Singh is a food reporter,critic and author for 21 years. Food and health are her passions. Her path-breaking TV serials "Health Today",nationally best-selling " Good Food Guides " the "Good Food Gallerie" and the Good Food Academy are a part of her continuing and pioneering effort to make the world a more delicious and happy place. It is not her policy to accept free meals or anything that will compromise objective food reviews.)

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