Puppet power

HERE ARE some sites where one can learn more about an art form that is a favourite of children everywhere. This site gives an exhaustive account of all aspects of puppetry including different types of puppets, profile of Indian puppeteers and varied puppet theatre. The site also gives information on using puppets for communication, education and entertainment. The site includes a long list of books on puppetry and puppet building. Jump into the art of making puppets with these interesting books. Find out how you can create everything from shadow puppets to fancy marionettes. Offers tips on many creative techniques and supplies to make a variety of puppets to play with. Puppets are great tools that everyone can use to let their imagination run wild. These puppet making kits come with everything you need to create your own puppet shows. One will find a long list of links to other puppet pages. This list lists links to over 50 countries around the world. The site is dedicated to sharing puppet tips, tricks and stories. Make a sack or sock puppet with the help of a teacher or parent. There are also ideas for putting on puppet plays, plus characterization advice.


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